Our Coffee Shop

We first began roasting and production in 2012 in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The Central Highlands of Vietnam is world renowned for their excellent coffee and is the world's 2nd largest producer of coffee. We began with a small family farm growing and roasting for the wholesale market.

Following larger demand for single origin and fine roasting, we entered into a cooperative with surrounding farms to increase production to meet that demand. Growing and purchasing only the very best beans, our Arabica coffee beans are grown at 5,250 feet and to the demanding specialty coffee standards for sustainability, ripeness, natural drying process and economic fairness to growers. Amarin Coffee is some of the best single origin coffee available on the market today.


Amarin Coffee launched into the United States market in 2019 focusing on online sales. Sales immediately took off. Especially in the Vietnamese Community on the West Coast and gradually spread through out the U.S. We opened our first retail store in Chincoteague Island Virginia in 2019 providing exceptional French pastries and sharing the coffee experience with thousands of patrons and friends.

Our goal is to continue to provide outstanding quality coffee at a great price. Our philosophy is always win-win and that supports the farmers and the communities they live in. We also strongly believe in philanthropy and are proud to support orphanages in Vietnam and those in need in our local communities.